Flyer Design


Get custom creative flyers designed to your specifications.

  • Please see description below for important details
  • Served in 2 formats: Print-Ready Vector PDF, and 300 Dpi JPEG


  • Your printing order can not be placed without a print-ready design so add this to your cart
  • This is a design-only product

I will require:

  • All information needed on your flyer
  • Colours you would like (you can use the colour picker here and send me the # values)
  • Your company logo in Vector PDF
  • Don’t have a vector logo? (Click here) and add one to your cart
  • The design comes with 1 free change
  • Designs are served in 2 formats: High vector PDF and JPEG

What is seen as a change?

  • A free change is multiple corrections done all in one go
  • If the free change is not used, it will expire two weeks after you’ve received your final design
  • Changes that are done one by one will be billed @ R100 per change after the free change
  • Email with all your changes

Single sided, Double sided


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